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Discover Caribbean

18.03.2017 - 28.03.2017


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Would you like to go on a  real exotic adventure? Then this trip is for you! It will be an unforgettable adventure with diving on coral reefs, trekking in the Tropical Forests, admiring the “bounty” beaches on the protected islands of the Tobago Cays, getting familiar   with the rasta-culture and excellent sailing! And most importantly - you will find yourself in great company!

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  • 1 day - Martinique
  • 2 day - St Lucia
  • 3 day - St Lucia
  • 4 day - St Vincent, Bequia
  • 5, 6 days - Tobago Cays
  • 7 day - St Vincent
  • 8 day - St Lucia
  • 9, 10 days - Martinique

Price includes

  • Yacht rental (one place in double cabin)
  • Skipper
  • Fuel and fresh water for yacht
  • Port fees

Additionally paid

  • Flight and transfer to departure destination
  • Visa and tourist tax (if required, depends on nationality)
  • Provisions (buying food on board and restaurants)
  • Travel insurance
  • Refundable security deposit for yacht - 100 €


Lipary 41


Why is the Caribbean so attractive? For its diversity! In Martinique there are vivid rain forests, St. Lucia has picturesque mountains in the Pitons, a little further to the south, lies the sandy Tobago Cays with coral reefs. Each day is filled with new scenery, new emotions, and new destinations. 

Today, we will have dinner in a restaurant on the waterfront, and tomorrow at sunset, right on the catamaran, we will cook barracuda or tuna on the grill. One day we will listen to reggae music performed by local Rastafarians, and the next day, the whole crew will go to   a lobster party. 

Hoist a Sail! 

What is the most important thing when traveling on a yacht? An experienced captain and a great company! To be a crew of sailing team means to be ready for an adventure at every moment! Every day to learn something new and be sure: you can reach the goal against any wind.

Discover your own beach

You will not find couch and umbrellas on these beaches. The best shelter from the sun - banana and palm leafs. And the only steps on the sand will be steps of your team! 


Try local food...

How many of those vitamins in bananas, which for weeks or even months go to us across the seas to the supermarket? But here, on islands, you will find them - papaya, pineapple, banana and fruits which you did not even know the names - collected just this morning or yesterday evening!

By the way, do you know that one stalk of sugar cane turns 5 glasses of rum? Caribbean have many secrets! 

... and not only food!

Rum Punch - this is a real pirate's drink! On this island, two beaches are separated by a strip of sand - are totally different. One is windy, raging waves and full of kiters. This is a place of nature and human courage. On the other side - a quiet cove, cosy bay protected from wind by palm trees, with the purest water like in the swimming pool, with colorful souvenirs of local people.

There is a bar here, some special bar - the barman makes a delicious rum punch, for which (according to owner) three kinds of rum and five kinds of juice are mixed. Of course, maybe we just mixed all that was left, but it came out very tasty.

Climb mountains

Pitons are not snakes in the Caribbean, Grand Piton and Petit Piton are the famous mountains of Saint Lucia. On the way, it is possible to visit the volcano, walk in the botanical garden, learn to grow local pineapple and take many photos! Let’s take a selfie on Pitons!

Get in the jungle

Have you seen Avatar movie? It is very similar. Tropical rainforests are filled with life. Each tree is a whole bed of ferns, orchids, unknown plants and even other trees. Caribbean will not be complete without a visit to the Forest - the world is teeming with life here!


Nowadays fewer and fewer people can be surprised by corals or rainbow fishes, though they are undoubtedly very beautiful. But only on the Tobago Cays, can you get at arm’s length with a whole pack of giant sea turtles.


The most delicious fish - fresh fish! Especially if it’s tuna or barracuda. Tuna is especially tasty when fresh, and when you just add a little salt or lemon juice. Barracuda is great when cooked either on the grill or fried. We’ll have the fishing gear, you prepare the recipes!

Lobster party

Do you know how to cook lobster? Sure you will! You can ask for a personal masterclass of lobster cooking on our lobster party on Tobago Cays!

Turquoise water

East trade winds will provide us with a constant light breeze, islands and coral reefs break the waves, and our catamaran will give you comfort of sailing trip. What else do we need? Just turquoise water in bays where we will drop the anchor. Like on this photo!

Walk barefoot in the sand and swim!

We stand for two days in Tobago Cays, we spend the night there and this means that we get the chance of night swimming under the stars ... You have probably noticed that the Tobago Cays is a place where you do not want to leave?

Let's discover Caribbean together! 

When man stops to discover - he's dead. Even if still walking and talking. The discovering is easy to identify. Sunbathing on the beach in Hurghada - this is not a discovery. It's just a holiday. Duty sex - is not discovering. It's just sex. Working in the office from 9 to 6 - is not discovering. It's just routine.

Discovering - is when your heart flutters as a lone leaf in the wind, and the brain explodes with fireworks. When breath stops, hands are shaking and you can not find the words. When you forever remember every second of the time, every detail of the face, each element of the picture.

You may think that we are offering you a comfortable yachting trip to an exotic place far away on a beautiful sailing yacht with a great crew together? It is, but it is not the main. We offer you DISCOVERY. Are you alive anough for this?!
If you are ready to discover the Caribbean this March - just call us or leave a request on the website!

Life is adventure, dare it! 

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