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Customer feedback
  • «We did a yacht racing trip and it was pretty much awesome :) I loved sharing dinners with the rest of the crew, exploring Greek islands in between the racing days swapping stories all the time :) As a 24/7 connected person it was a bit wild to have only few hours of wifi coverage daily and still it was amazing :) Sailing with Alexander felt pretty much like a family trip, although I've never seen any of the guys before and I still will be glad to see them any time in my life :)»
    Ivan Sobolev, San Francisco, CA, USA
About Yotclub
Oleksandr Burtsev
Co-founder and head of company. Tours manager and Skipper. Believes that each sailing makes everyone's life better
Oleksandr Shkrymbal
Co-founder, Tours manager, Skipper.
Marianna Guk
Knows everything about our tours and shares this information with you :)
Dmytro Tarnavsky
Tour Manager
Alena Vyvodtseva
Valya Zakhabura