Corporate sailing

Everyone knows that the more team has confidence, “team spirit”, the more effective it is. And what can bring people closer together than joint adventures and positive emotions? And if you choose the most vivid journey, and at the same time more comfortable – it will definitely be yachting!

Duration. Usually, one week, from Saturday to Saturday. So that after returning there would be one more day, Sunday, to acclimatize in the city.

Number of people. 6-8 people. Most yachts or catamarans are designed for 4 double cabins. But there are also 3, and 5 or 6 cabins. Therefore, we will always be able to pick up the required number of yachts to the desired number of participants.

Where to sail. If we are talking about the summer and would like to simplify logistics – this is any country in the Mediterranean. But in general- it may be any region where you can rent a yacht. We did corporate sailings in Sicily and Cuba. So where exactly to sail depends more on the wishes of the customer and the budget.

Additional program. Here’s the difference between corporate yachting and regular yachting tours. Because we make a corporate trip “all included”, and it contains a variety of programs, which, at the request of the customer, may include:

  • flights, transfers, hotels on the shore, if needed;
  • ordering provision aboard, reservation of restaurants;
  • visiting tastings of local cuisine, conducting excursions;
  • extra activities (hiking, kayaking, diving);
  • cooking services (full board aboard) or hostes (breakfast, cleaning aboard, snacks, snacks, tea, coffee, cocktails);
  • Tim-building programs and games.

For whom it may be useful. A corporate voyage on a yacht can be a great bonus for a project team or guide. Or it can be a good chanse to bring together partners or particularly important customers in informal circumstances. It can also be a conference (this is a real example, when our customers went to the conference, but instead of the hotel, our guests lived on a yacht, and in the free time it was time to get out of the sea).

Of course, this list is not exhaustive, these are just examples, and we are open to cooperation and new proposals.

Branding. Under each corporate journey we have the opportunity to brand a yacht. At your request, we can develop flags for a yacht, rent a yacht and even sail the sails. Not to mention the t-shirts-wrists-buffs-buffs and a lot of nice little things.