Yacht Charter

If you already have a skipper license and you want to take a yacht for charter for yourself — we can be useful!

How exactly? It would seem that there is a lot of online services, where every skipper can choose the yacht he likes. But for the same price, we offer additional service, so contacting us for the same money for yachts charter you will additionally receive:

  • Advice on the yacht model and type. Which exactly yacht you need among different brands and models? There are a lot of minor details we will pay your attention: some yachts have larger or smaller galleys, some have electrical toilets or manual, some charter companies provide quite weak outboard engine, and we recommend paying some extra to obtain really comfortable and fast dinghy. Do you prefer monohull or catamaran? We also advise what is best for the area where you want to go sails. Because there is no golden pill among the yachts that would satisfy everyone, so the selection of a yacht is a creative work, where the end result depends on the style of rest, the wishes of the client, country, route, season and other factors.
  • Help to build a route. Our captains have been already in many countries, have great experience and are ready to share it with you. Which bay is better to throw an anchor, which restaurant is excellent in the area, where and when you can have suddenly gusts of a strong wind and what can be Plan B in this case? In one country you can have free mooring to the restaurant, in the other one  fill with water on one of the floating pontoons, in the third one it is better not to use local buoys, because they are unreliable, in the fourth there is a very interesting grotto with an underground lake … And all this we are going to tell you about the place you would like to sail!
  • Ability to go in fleet. Yes! You can join one of our tour’s fleet and sail together with us if you take the yacht on a charter. What are the benefits? Firstly, it is a support by our captains on-site. Secondly, it is safety, because there will be experienced skippers with no language barrier and who are ready to help. And also  it is an opportunity to meet interesting people on neighbor yachts!

Also, I would like to add that it is better to book a yacht in advance, about half a year before charter. In that case you can get good discounts for booking. So, do not delay, write to us, and we will be happy to help you pick up your yacht of your dreams!

Call on +38097 1160220 or write to travel@yotclub.com