Private tours

There is such a stereotype about private orders that it is too expensive. Because we are used that if something is done “by request”, such as, for example, the individual sewing of the dress, then it is more expensive in times.

But it’s not about the yachting! And if you have a company of friends of 6-8 people, then arranging a private trip can cost as much as our standard offers, and in some cases even cheaper!

And this offer is for you if:

  • You want to have a rest with your company, without third parties;
  • You already have a company of 6 friends;
  • You want a non-standard program for a yachting tour or a route.

And now, a bit more about each of the options.

Own company

It can actually be two people. If the couple wants to make a “honey week” – a good opportunity! Whether it’s a family holiday or just a group of friends who have not seen each other for a long time and who are interested in communicating even more than in their surroundings. In this case, the number of people is not so important, we will select the required yacht size, but in the first place – an individual approach and privacy.

6-8 friends

This is a yacht! Therefore, we can offer you a trip on special terms. You can join with your yacht to the for one of our tours or choose the same route, but at the dates convenient for you. And it will be even cheaper than booking individual cabins.

Non-standard tour

We adore it. That’s true, we are eager with the creation of unique offers. This can be a combined route, where in the middle of the yachting the group is doing a trekking until the captain moves the yacht to a new point of the meeting. These may be such additional services as a cooking or hostess on board a yacht or catamaran. This may be a special holiday program if you celebrate a birthday or another holiday. This is a private order, and we can change the route as you wish, spend more time at dive spots, add equipment such as kiting and add instructor. That is, it can be anything (remembering the rule ‘safety first’), and we gladly make fun with you and create something special and interesting for you!

Private Tours